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FAQ Winter is Coming, FIR is Heating!

Q. How can I order?

A: If you decide to order, please give us your shipping address, your full name, and your telephone number (For shipping use). We will make a pro forma Invoice for you. Then you can make the payment based on the Invoice.

Q. How much is the shipping cost?

A: Shipping cost for samples is about 100-200 USD, based on the location you are.

Shipping cost for by sea will be much lower for bulk orders.

Q. What Payment terms you accept?

A: We accept Pay pal, Western Union, TT (Bank Transfer).

Q. What is the Shipping Time?

A: For Samples, 7-10 working days after payment.

For bulk orders, 15-25 working days after payment.

Q. What is the Delivery Methods?


For Sample orders, we will send the goods by Air Express to your door. This will only take 3-5 working days to reach your end.


For big orders, we will send you the goods by Sea to your close sea port. This way will be very cheap and but it will take about 15-35 days, based on your location.

Q. How long Warranty do you offer?

A: We will offer all our products 5years warranty. During warranty, any products or accessories failed, we will arrange free replacements with your next order. If you need the goods in hurry, you need to pay the shipping cost by Express.

Q. Are the Panels easy to Install?

A: Yes, the Panels are very easy to install. Just a little screw works.

Q. Do you have thermostat controllers?

A. Yes, we have thermostats controllers available. Wifi control, app control, remote control available.

Q. Do you have power plugs for my house in our Country?

A: Yes, we have all kind of power plugs for different Countries. We will offer you suitable plugs for your country.

Q. Can you offer OEM Service?

A. Yes, as a factory, we will offer you OEM service based on 50 pcs MOQ.

Q. Which Certifications do you have?

A. We have CE, RoHS, CCC, TUV, ISO certifications available.

Q. Can I customize the pictures?

A. Yes, we have a lot of photos for your choice. Besides, as a factory, we can make your own picture if you offer very clear and big picture.

Q. Can I customize the Panels size?

A. We have regular size like 60*30cm, 60*60cm,100*60cm,100*100cm,120*80cm, 120*100cm size for your option. If you need other size, we need MOQ 100 pcs.

Q. Can I customize the power?

A: The different size panels have a peak power. Can not make higher than peak power.

Q. How Do I Work Out How Many IR Heating Panels I Need?

A: It’s actually much simpler than you might realize. You just need to calculate the volume of your room in m3. This can be done by multiplying the length, by the width, by the height.

Then the amount of power you need per m3 will depend on how well insulated your home is. Well insulated homes need just 25W per m3. Moderately insulated homes need 30W per m3, whilst poorly insulated homes will need 35W per m3.

Q. What Is The Surface Temperature Of The Infrared Panels?

A: The operating temperature is 75oC – 95oC, with 0.1W per cm2 on the surface.

Q. Is Infrared Heating Safe?

A: You are actually exposed to infrared heat everyday – from the sun. Infrared panels emit the same type of heat, but without the UV rays.

That isn’t the only place you’ll find infrared either – your television remote control also uses near infrared waves to transmit data. Many home alarm systems make use of infrared sensors to detect thermal radiation from the body.

In short, infrared is already everywhere, and poses no risk to you at all.