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600W Infrared Electric Heating Mirror

600W Infrared Electric Heating Mirror


Product description

600W Mirror Electric Panel Heater.jpg

Product Description

600W Mirror Electric Panel Heater Specifications:


1005*605 mm

Power and Voltage

600 Watt 110V/220V/50Hz

Heating Material

Carbon Crystal

Wave Length


Surface Temperature

Around 110 degrees

Conversion Efficiency


Life expectancy


Surface Material

Tempered Safety Rectangle Mirror


Individual PP bag/Inner Box/Protection Foam

IP Ration


Over-heat Protection



Infrared Heating is rapidly increasing in popularity, as people begin to recognise its many advantages 

over gas and conventional electrical heating systems. The fact that Kingsdom IR Heating Panels are 

manufactured using 100% recyclable materials such as aluminum means that they’re substantially more eco-friendly 

than both of the traditional forms of heating we’ve used in our homes. The clean and natural way in which IR heating

panels generate their heat also produces zero CO(Carbon Dioxide), so they’ll actually help you to reduce your home’s 

carbon footprint by a considerable amount year on year. It’s a fact that less environmentally-damaging COis produced 

by Infrared heating panels, and one of the reasons is that they’re a lot more energy-efficient and consume a great deal 

less power than traditional modes of heating.