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600W Electric Infrared Glass Heater

600W Electric Infrared Glass Heater


Product description

600W Electric Glass Panel Heater.jpg

Product Description

600W Electric Glass Panel Heater Specifications:

Body Size

60*100 cm

Power and Voltage

600 Watt 110V/220V 50Hz

Heating Material

FIR Carbon Crystal

Wave Length


Surface Temperature

Around 110 degrees

Conversion Efficiency



5 Years

Surface Material

Tempered Safety Rectangle Glass

IP Ration



Bed Room, Bathroom …


The functional design is the outstanding feature infra-Red heating panels. 

They integrate into any environment by mounting onto a wall like a picture 

or indeed into the ceiling and emphasize your taste in interior design. The 

heating systems combine all the positive characteristics of the infrared heating 

technology combined with elegance and your personal touch.

An infrared heating panel can be easily mounted on to the wall, without using 

up to much space. Each space can be operated separately. So you can make 

the panels work in the spaces when someone is present. If the room is empty 

then the use of unnecessary energy can be saved by turning the heating panel 

off. Perfect for heating up office space.

Another example, a bathroom should always be a little warmer than the rest 

of your home. For this infrared panels are quite suitable. The warmth of the 

infralia panels is felt immediately and provides a pleasant feeling of warmth. 

A heating panel can be operated via a switch or even via a timer. If nobody 

uses the bathroom, the heating panel does’t need to work. The use of unnecessary 

energy can be saved this way. For use in the home, office, school, University, bar, 

club, cafe, restaurant, garage, workshop, canteen, saunas, gym, boat/marine, shop,

 sports hall, care homes, hotel rooms, halls of residence, church, garden room, home 

office, corridors, reception areas – Any room/space that requires warming.