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Carbon Crystal Electric Panel Heater

Carbon Crystal Electric Panel Heater

100*60CM Carbon Crystal Electric Panel Heater

Product description

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Carbon Crystal Electric heating Panel,

Far Infrared Heating Panel,

Infrared Heating Panel,

Healthy, Quiet, Comfortable, Energy Saving, Beautiful...

Simply the best Choice to Warm your room.

Product Description

Product Name

100 60CM Carbon Crystal Electric Heating Panel  







Heating Area


Panel Temperature


Thermostat control



Ceiling/Wall Mounted/Free Standing/Desktop


50 years

Frame Material

Aluminum Alloy

Frame color

Black/White/Wood Color

How Infrared Heaters Work

Using the principles of solar radiation, Infrared heat panels provide a comfortable level of heat to every room. 

Using carbon fiber fabrics designed especially for the panels, they generate long-wave infrared C radiation directly.


Unlike convection heating methods, such as radiators or fan heaters, the infrared panels do not use air to transfer 

the heat, instead the rays turn into heat wherever they meet an object or mass, such as a wall or the floor. The heat 

is stored in these objects, and released evenly throughout the room, keeping the walls, floor and ceiling warm and dry. 

In fact, Infrared heat panels are an excellent cure for properties suffering from damp. The panels are almost 100% 

efficient, with practically no energy losses, unlike boilers or central heating systems, which can lose around 20% of the 

generated heat before they even start to heat a room.




Infrared heating keeps the walls warm and dry avoids the risk of condensation, mould or damp, without reducing the 

humidity in the room the way convection heaters do. Unlike conventional heating systems, air flow is not relied upon 

to transfer the heat around the room, therefore no dust circulation is produced.