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Infrared Heating Panels

Infrared Heating Panels

1100W IR Heating Panel

Product description

 Panel 120100 4.jpg

Product Description

Product Name

120 by 100CM Wall Mounted Infrared Heating panel







Heating Area


Panel Temperature


Thermostat control



Ceiling/Wall Mounted/Free Standing/Desktop


50 years

Frame Material

Aluminum Alloy

Frame color

Black/White/Wood Color

The Benefits Of Infrared Heating

Cheaper to install than a conventional heating system, and by using components of the highest quality, our 

panels have an almost unlimited life expectancy. Installation is easy, no pipe runs, no floorboards need lifting, 

simply hang on a wall or ceiling, or use the optional feet for floor or shelf standing, and plug in!


With simple, elegant designs, the slim panels merge into any room in harmony. When used with the optional 

thermostatic controls, achieve the perfect temperature in individual rooms, in accordance to you requirements. 

You can even have different levels of heat in areas of the same room.


Infrared panel heaters don’t cause dust and bacteria to circulate around the room like a traditional heating system. 

Providing an even heat across the whole room, keeping walls dry, and damp free, helping to preserve your property.


The even heat distribution means no more cold feet!

Manufactured from components that aren’t harmful to the environment, when used in combination with solar PV 

systems, infrared heating is the most eco-friendly and economical way to heat your property.

Infrared heaters Distribute Heat Evenly